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Thread: Thoughts on Destiny?

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    Default Thoughts on Destiny?

    I'm curious to see what other people have to say about this game, even though beta isnt out yet, what do you guys think this game is capable of? Also, do you think it's worth getting?

    Personally, I think that its derivative of Borderlands, Mass Effect, and Halo.

    Will the halo fanbase like this game more than halo itself? Or is this just a detour?

    From what I can tell, its a mmo fps with events that change ingame by themselves.

    Players unlock abilities for their classes, and can receive "loot" from other fallen enemies, this should probably include weapons, and a sort of credit system possibly?

    Players also seem to have levels, and receive EXP like any other rpg game.
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    I can't wait for it. Honestly the game I am looking forward to the most this year.

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    Got to the stage of meh for unlocks but great ideas. It one of the shooters looking forward to other is blacklight. Hope it not clone of cod instant death.
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    I like futuristic games. I hope this game will be awesome, I'm currently waiting for the beta

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