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Thread: Gran Turismo 6 Save Resign Sucessful, But a Issue.

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    Default Gran Turismo 6 Save Resign Sucessful, But a Issue.

    I resigned my save. Worked absolute perfect. Except when i try to go online i get this error.

    "You cannot go any further without signing in to PlayStation Network." I am signed in though O.o?

    Any Idea's?

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    Well when resign a save make sure you change name in global settings as well, I did one and got same error till changed the name in global settings to my ps3 name and works fie

    If not know where global settings are, it at top of bruteforce box in the middle and will be numbers and letters so just right click and put your psn name there and save
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    try to resign it again also check if the hacked resign you downloaded is matching your cd codes

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