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Thread: Hex Difference (Offset Difference Checker)

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    Wink Hex Difference (Offset Difference Checker)

    Simple Little program i made to find the difference between 2 offsets.
    This Makes life a lot easier if your trying to find the difference between two offsets, rather than going into the debugger and searching by value, or searching online. Simlpy open up this and insert the values

    #How it works:
    #) Put your 1st offset in the first textbox, then put your second offset in the second textbox. And click "get difference".

    #) Then if you want to check if it's correct, you can use the 'add' at the bottom to check it. Or you can use that to to also check what is any offset plus another.

    (I'm not putting a virustotal, as its opensource as well as unencrypted/unobfuscated)
    Download: Hex Difference (Offset Difference Checker)

    Source: Hex Difference Source Code (VB- VISUAL BASIC)
    My PS3's: 4.50 OFW CECH-3001A, & 4.50 PS3ITA CECH-2101B

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    beast tool bro! this will come in very handy keep it up

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